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Why our products stand out

Architectural Symbols and Signs (AS&S) offer a comprehensive range of Braille and tactile signs for blind and visually impaired people, which conform to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Although many other Braille sign companies offer a similar service, the sheer range of our products and standard of our auditing expertise in determining where Braille and tactile signs should be positioned is unmatched.

Our dedicated staff have spent years in the field with blind and visually impaired groups discussing the necessity for the right Braille signage and its optimum positioning, therefore we have a good understanding of your needs.

Architectural Symbols and Signs Products

Braille finger push plates signs
Our Braille signs are manufactured to the highest standards and are generally available in two sizes – 12 inches x 4 inches and 12 inches x 3 inches; in addition, we can also produce custom sizes.

Architectural Symbols and Signs can punch any message in any language on your Braille signs to help blind and visually impaired visitors or employees move around your building with ease. Typically, Braille signs are fixed to doors, where they will be easily found, and at heights within reach of the mobility impaired.

Tactile signs
Architectural Symbols and Signs also produce high quality Tactile signs that are best utilised in conjunction with Braille signs as not everyone can read Braille; such as those with visual impairments.

Our standard tactile signs come with yellow or white letters on a black background for optimum contrast and visibility. In addition, the letters are photo-luminescent (they glow in the dark) and therefore offer fantastic colour contrast in all light conditions (Architectural Symbols and Signs are the only company in the world to use this method).

To finish them off, we then mount our tactile plates on a quality satin stainlessbrass, or bronze plate, which is the same material that is used for the Braille signs.

Braille Strips
Another area where Architectural Symbols and Signs excel is in the production of Braille strips; again a unique design by AS&S. These handy Braille signs are used by many organisations that want to offer Braille signage in lots of different areas.

Architectural Symbols and Signs Key Plus Points:

 • Family owned and staffed business, offering a more personal service
 • Architectural Symbols and Signs design and produce all their own signs
 • We are the only company to manufacture stainless steel, Brass or Bronze Braille finger push plates complete with tactile signs
 • Braille signs can be produced with the message and language that you need
 • Professional auditing service to ascertain your DDA signage compliance
 • Quality assurance of materials used to British Standard grade 304
 • Quality control during manufacture and despatch of tactile & Braille signs
 • Heat-resistant, self-adhesive on reverse of all signage for ease of installation
 • Competitively priced Braille signs, tactile signs and Braille finger push plates

Let our experts assist you by conducting an audit/walkthrough of your buildings with you to guide you as to which signs you will require for DDA compliance. 

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AS&S are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Braille Signs, Tactile Signs, Moon Signs, External Signs, Mandatory Symbols and Signs and Bespoke Signage. DDA (Disability Descrimination Act) Compliant

Registered in England and Wales – Company No. 04664429

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